A Greentech Growth Company

The WATURU Company is a greentech growth company with a brand new solution. Delivering sustainable and responsible hot water while lowering the water and energy use with 75%, reducing CO2 and increasing the comfort by delivering instant hot water in a more efficient way.

The company has in-house production in Denmark, established subsidiaries and currently holds several patents and patents applications. In addition, the company prepares a listing in the near future.

WATURU's mission is to bring the best sustainable product to the market and deliver on the expectations of the consumer today and in the future without compromising on being green.

"WATURU" is short for water and future, and we believe that everybody should be saving as much water and energy as possible to lower CO2 - that's why we developed the WATURU technology.


WATURU is a proud member of the following programs and alliances


The Sustainable Development Goals

WATURU want with its technology to contribute to sustainable development and thus The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). WATURU's innovative and green technology can help achieve the following of the 17 goals: