MW Solutions for Power Grid Management

WATURUs scalable solution works in the range between 100 KW and 1 MW +. The heating units can be daisy chained and is built to sustain high loads in short or long periods of time. The units can be activated within seconds delivering maximum output. They are the size of a suitcase with an easy installation proces with focus on maximum security and automation. They are perfect for any energy management or a partner company.


The WATURU advantages::

  • Instant to maximum performance

  • Scalability

  • Size

  • Cheap installation

Case use: As a smaller district heater facility with a reach of 8.000 households and a small amount of companies it is possible to install a WATURU unit - could be 1 MW - and supply the local energy management / national energy management with access to control and thus adjust the power in the grid and thereby as a positive result recieve massive amount of "free" hot water.


The illustration below visualize how the WATURU unit can be used.

Is your company a market leader in your segment? Do you want a technology upgrade of your product? Or do you see the possibility that your brand with the WATURU technology could disrupt a market? Then we would appreciate hearing from you.


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