Fully automated and more efficient

The WATURU industrial solution for wastewater is aimed at delivering disinfected water in the fastest and cheapest way possible. The equipment is fixed downstream after all other processes are done to make sure that no bacteria is left in the water - this could be E-coli or any other bacteria.

The solution is much smaller than UV lightening and membrane/filter solution, much more durable, more controllable and solves multiple issues. 

The easy installation, maintenance and set-up ensures there is no need for long, pricy training courses.



  • Disinfects water

  • Size

  • Fully automated

  • Scalable

  • Running costs

  • Easy installation, maintenance and set-up


 The unit above can treat up to 6.000 liters pr. hour.

The unit above can treat up to 6.000 liters pr. hour.



We are currently looking for companies eg. wastewater or others, to try out the solution and welcome all the requests on information about our new product.


The illustration below visualize how the WATURU unit can be used.

We are ready to supply you with additional information on our sustainable and revolutionary technology.