The WATURU water heater

The WATURU water heater is a point-of-use unit that heats the water directly through the transfer of energy, thus eliminating any circulation losses. The WATURU unit makes use of the water's conductivity to heat the water. With the help of new and smart control technology the device achieves the desired temperature immediately.



  • Provide hot water immediately

  • Save approx. 75% on water consumption

  • Save up to 94% on energy for hot water

  • Reduce CO2

  • Improves user comfort

  • Use power only when producing hot water

  • Requires only 220 V and a maximum of 10 to 16 Amps

  • A complete WATURU installation in a property has an expected payback period of 1-3 years

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Advantages over traditional heating solutions


Minimum water waste: When the water is heated locally (point-of-use), the waiting time for hot water is minimal. 

Reduced flow: Even at less than 1 liter per minute the water is instantly hot. E.g. No excessive water flow needed to get the hot water.

No circulation of hot water: When using central heating - such as natural gas or district heating systems in buildings - circulation of the hot water from central heating room to the tapping points is often necessary to minimize the waiting time for the hot water to arrive.

This causes a significant heat transfer loss from this circulations string, which depends on the installation itself, insulation, pumps etc. During the heating season, this transmission loss will contribute to space heating, which is typically produced from the same source of energy, but since the loss and thus the heat is deposited where the pipework is now located, it is often inappropriate places like unused maintenance rooms, shafts, etc. Outside the heating season, this transmission loss will only be wasted, perhaps even a thermal contribution of heat to be removed with air conditioning to keep the comfort level in the building.

Also, a circulation solution uses energy for the circulation pumps even though there is no use.

No standby loss from the central heating system: During the summer or outside of the heating season, it is necessary to maintain a certain level of operation of the central heating system, as hot water still needs to be produced and delivered. For example, a gas boiler will supply the required heat, however, only a fraction of the full capability of the boiler is used, and the heat produced here at least, is at low efficiency. There will be significant energy savings in keeping the boiler off outside the heating season.

Optional hot water consumption: If the electricity used for heating the hot water has a proven origin of sustainable CO2 neutral energy sources such as wind energy, water energy, solar cells and possibly biomass, the building's carbon footprint will be significantly reduced. This may contribute significantly in terms of sustainable building certification such as LEEDTM, DGNB or BREEAM.

No decrease in efficiency: Traditional electric flow heaters heat the water with a resistor that becomes calcified with time thereby losing its effect. The WATURU unit on the other hand has no heating element and does not decrease in efficiency over time due to calcification.


No need for tank or hot water installation: Possibility of major savings in connection with new buildings, but also the renovation of existing buildings where the entire hot water installation incl. Tank, piping, pumps and valves can be discharged. Only cold water pipes must be drawn. If the idea is to go all in on tankless - WATURU has patented a new solution for water tanks, where low temperature eg. 40 - 45 c is possible without getting bacteria eg. Legionella etc. and keeping the highest possible efficiency.

No or low maintenance costs: A system that does not exist requires no maintenance. An item of operations and maintenance can be minimized.


Minimum hot water waiting time: The volume between the faucet and the WATURU unit is limited. When the cold water is displaced, there is hot water (less than 50 ml).

Disinfecting the water: The energy transfer principle in WATURU has a disinfectant effect on the water, which may have a special interest in the health sector and in installations used by children and elderly people. The disinfectant capacity is documented by the Danish Technological Institute.


The illustration below visualizes how the WATURU unit can be used.

We are ready to supply you with additional information on our sustainable and revolutionary technology.


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