Reasons to Invest in Waturu’s Climate Technology

Innovative water technology

A disruptive and innovative way of heating water compared to traditional water heaters. Waturu’s technology transfers energy directly into the water resulting in the most effective electric tankless water heater. The technology ensures significant savings of energy and water, instant heating as well as disinfection of the water.

Substantial environmental effect

With its technology, Waturu contributes to a sustainable development and thus The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The technology results in documented energy and water savings (up to 94% and 75% respectively) and is powered by electricity, which can either be produced locally or used as 100% CO2 neutral energy.

On the verge of commercialization

Based on a global distribution agreement with Saint-Gobain and sales booked for the Danish market with estimated total sales of 25.000 units over the next three years the company has a target revenue of 120 MDKK in 2023. Additionally, NDAs (“Non-Disclosure Agreements”) are in place with global distributors within other industries (wastewater and OEM). Waturu has signed an LOI with one of the largest Nordic tap manufacturer & distributor, expected to lead to a definitive agreement with substantial sales.

Highly scalable business model

Production capacity is to be expanded to 250.000 units per year, lowering the per unit costs. Slim organization enabled by sales through large global distributors such as Saint-Gobain.

Strong IPR position

WATURU has filed for patents within key areas such as limescale, core design and tank use.

Solutions for a wide spectrum of industries

The characteristics of the Waturu technology enables usage in a wide spectrum of industries; Point-of-use water heater for the private and public sector, cleaning of waste water in industrial applications, OEM solutions within all product applications that use hot water, and MedTech within anti-inflammatory solutions.

Danish production

Waturu has given priority to placing its production facilities in Denmark and will continue to maintain a Danish production when production facilities are to be scaled in 2019. This to be close to the production and ensure a high and consistent product quality.

Highly committed and competent staff and board

Since Waturu was established in 2016 the company have worked to build a solid and competent board with members specialized within water, environment, production, sales, IPOs and law. Throughout 2018 the company has focused on recruiting the right employees who can contribute to growth and implementation of the IPO.